Rapid Starts Exercise  2/24/2024  11:00AM

Rapid Starts Exercise 

Practice starts for Race Committee and Racers

Training for Race Committee crew: there will be a one-hour, at-the-cock, starting-signal exercise session starting at 1100hrs.  At about 1230hrs, RC Signal boat will set-up a starting line in the SF1 area (see CBYC Course Chart), for use by any racers who want such practice.  RC will signal over-earlies.

Three series of starting sequences will be conducted on Saturday, February 24, each followed by a 25-minute recess.  Each series will include a group of three rapid-starts; meaning start, then five-minute postponement recess, then next five-minute starting sequence will be initiated.  Rapid starts will be signaled by hoisting the `E` class flag only.

The third start of a series may be a race that will be signaled by inclusion of a numeric code-flag.  That code-flag will indicate the number of times to round the weather mark.  The starting line pin is the leward mark, and finishes will be downwind at the SF line.  These races are for fun only, will not be scored, and no trophies will be awarded.


Date: 2/24/2024  
Time: 11:00AM  
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